“After having submitted one story to three editors, I choose Olga because she questioned my writing and made suggestions. Her detailed approach helped to improve clarity.”
C.R. Lemos, Manager at Preservation House

“Olga’s editing style is not only helpful but educational. Her detailed insights and thorough explanations have helped make my website content better than it originally was. She is one of the most dedicating to her work people I have ever worked with, and it is evident in her amazing work.” Natalia D., Business Owner

“As part of the ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives, which is an international collaboration designed to document, protect, and preserve the cultural heritage of war-torn Syria and northern Iraq, Olga has done terrific work creating and maintaining a subject index of our weekly reports.  Olga’s ability to organize an abundance of information on the complex issues taking place in Syria and Northen Iraq has allowed ASOR to post her index on our project website (http://www.asor-syrianheritage.org/), which has become an important resource for interested scholars, media members, and the public.” Jared Koller, CHI Website & Database Coordinator

“I’ve been working with Olga for seven years, and I must say that I’m very happy with her work. She has been helping me to create numerous business letters, proposals, and technical manuals and make sure they are error-free. Olga works very hard to achieve highest standards.” VS Consulting 

“I had hired Olga on numerous occasions to help me create perfect communications for my business, and she had done an outstanding job. I would gladly recommend her services to other clients.” Stan Filippin, Principal IT Consultant