Editing and Proofreading

(partial list)

Beauchemin, Robert. Olive Oil. Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Toronto, 2016.

Dickenson, Victoria, Lee Maracle, and Natalie Fontaine.  Un terrritoire à partager: L’art du paysage au Canada. Figure 1 Publishing. Vancouver, BC, 2017.

Owens, R. Dan. A Message of Encouragement to the Hebrews: A Practical Teacher’s Commentary (forthcoming).

Wilkinson, Sheena. Taking Flight. Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Toronto, 2014.

Winters, Kari-Lynn and Ishta Mercurio. Bite into Bloodsuckers. Fitzhenry and Whiteside. Toronto, 2016.

Substantive Editing

Atma, Nirmalan. A Curse to Complete You. Toronto, 2019.

Darling, David. Serve in the Shadows: Recruitment. Toronto (forthcoming).

Lemos R., Coralina. Corktown: The History of a Toronto Neighbourhood and the People Who Made It. Toronto, 2018.


ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives. Index of Weekly Site Reports

Garfinkel, Yosef. The Goddess of Sha’ar Hagolan. Israel Exploration Society. Jerusalem, 2004 (sample_index).

Whittall, Luke. Valleys of Wine: a Taste of British Columbia’s Wine History. Whitecap Books. Markham, 2019.

Client List 

Cosmic Strands  (copy editing, proofreading)

The Editing Company (copy editing proofreading)

La Presse (bilingual proofreading)

Medical Council of Canada (proofreading)

West Corridor Constructors (proofreading, translations)